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Key ways to avoid invoice disputes with customers who owe you money

by admin, July 4, 2019

Ways to avoid disputes with customers

When you have a business and want to recover your debts, there might arise some invoice disputes since they are limited to take your time as well as restricting your cash-flows. When such differences become an issue, it becomes a big problem which can make one be stressed, and the cash-flows of the business can end up diminishing, which can endanger your business. If you want to avoid such disputes with your customers that owe you, there are the tips below to follow which will prevent the problems from occurring. They will ensure you save your time as well, with high cash-flows in your business.     

1. Examine The Invoice Template  

You should have simple elements and clear as well. Ensure the invoice address has been sent to the correct debtor, the debts are correctly written with exact decimal points, with clear terms being stated. Ensure the invoice has explained your services and products clearly and if you can break them in case of more clarity. When you are catered for the above instructions, then there will be a high chance of the elements getting payments on time. 

2. Double Checking

The mistakes are common, and no one can avoid them. When doing your invoices, you should double check them before sending to your debtors. When you spend a few more minutes to double check the addresses and the figures, then there won’t is disputes when paying neither will there be delays. 

3. Consider

The Original Amount Quoted When you add more costs to the invoice and send to your customers, which were not the initial amount, the customers can ask about them, and if you don’t get to agree, there can be disputes. The clients don’t need to receive such surprises since when you misunderstand each other, it will also delay payments. You need to explain to them everything before sending the invoice to avoid such types of disputes.

4. Make Courtesy Calls

You should call your customers in advance so you can get full information to the location the invoice should be sent. When you inquire more information from the customers in advance, you will be benefited since you will be reminding your clients on the invoice being sent. After you sent the invoice, call the client again and ask if they have received their invoices and ask again if they find everything clear. Doing that is gently reminding your customers that they should be making progress of paying the debts.

5. Have Time Limits Concerning Your Disputes Terms And Conditions

If you need to ensure whatever disputes are available are early raised and nicely, your term, as well as conditions, should state the period in which the arguments should be allowed to be built so that you are convenient. It will give your business time for rectifying any errors and settle well your disputes before time elapses and you will prevent those customers that stall the tactics with conflicts from doing so. 

The tips above will help you to get the best conversation with your customers who owe you money without any invoice disputes being realized. The business should always conduct its work calmly and openly so that there might not be any issues arising with the customers.

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